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Jan 12, 2013 2:30am PST
we looked at the audience. we said, we don't have an audience program. we're growing the audience pretty rapidly. we were the hadding a little under 1 million page views at that time. >> in those days, success was measured by the number of eyeballs on your site. back then the numbers were good. with behind sooigt, however, silas said there was another problem people didn't recognize. >> people are going to and getting their news and going away. >> today, that kind of engagement isn't good enough to grow a website. silas said he needs customers to be loyal to the site, to be ambassadors, spreading the word, even business bodies sharing their views. >> hey, there's value in people commenting. all of those are strong indicators of now we're getting that. >> engagement is considered the key to growth. but how does a small low-tech bit get people to interact and be engaged? >> we're using policing words with the word engagement. we want to look at a more holistic view of the consumer interacts. >> gabe, the ceo of dopamine knows a lot be engages customers. he said people wi
Jan 6, 2013 4:30am PST
, you don't want passive consumption of messages, right. you want people actively going out and doing something with your brand. that's what game ification sits. >> to get people genuinely involved, you need to offer a reward so special, it's unavailable for sale anywhere. >> let's say are you part of the lady gaga fan club. one of her top 100 fans, and she gives you a choice. i'll give you $100 or insider access to my tour diary nobody else has. and i can guarantee you, the insider fans will take the access to the tour diary. >> if you have a restaurant, making sure that person can always get a reservation, even on new year's eve. that doesn't cost you any money, but it's really valuable to the customer. >> since sigh lass isn't a rock star and doesn't run a restaurant, he has to offer something to offer his customers that makes him feel special. >> one of the people who first thought of the applications for game mechanics beyond the traditional game environment. >> he suggested letting the readers vote on each other's postings so they could identify whose was most respected. >> a li
Jan 13, 2013 4:30am PST
be aware of that change. what they have to know is they don't have to do anything. there's nothing required of employees because of the new law. however, some employees may want to file new w-4s with their employers to change their withholding. >> right. >> that's something you can bring up with them. >> you can bring it up with them. >> so some issues have been resolved and many issues are still unresolved. we still have this enormous debt, and how worried are you, barbara, for small businesses going forward that taxes may go up, taxes we haven't even discussed right now, that their expenses may go up sometime in 2013. >> well, anything is possible and all possibilities really are on the table. clearly they could come back and attack various tax breaks or so-called loopholes that are there, but we really don't know. it's likely that nothing will be changed for 2013 and that any changes will take effect the following year, so at least we do have some luxury to plan for this year and budget for this year. >> and that's the thing. small businesses actually would say got off easy in this deal,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3